Vapra Composting


Stories of gardeners

I’m Ramadevi, professor I love gardening and I just want to try composting so I took Vapra - The composter then later I use to put my everyday waste in the Vapra and use to just rotate it and the compost formed in just 8 days from the day of dumping without smell. I felt it is also economical so I would suggest everyone to use the product.


I’m Neeraja, a house wife and I have a garden at my home and we use to buy the compost from store. When I herd about Vapra I wanted to give a try as it doesn’t smell so I want a composting process which do not smell and I felt it was ideal one and I dumped waste every single day and compost formed without any rotten smell.


I’m Ravalika, I love growing fruits at my home and I’ve a guava tree in my garden and I use to get the fruits but inside them there were insects so I tried out many ways by putting many fertilizers as well, then i gave try to Vapra compost it worked out good for us and the size of guava fruit is also increased.


I’m Manasa, A housewife I herd lot about sustainable living and I want to make those choices in my home so I started using hand made shampoo bars and soaps then I went through facebook and came across Vapra - The composter as it is the best to live sustainable life I ordered that product online and used it and I have only little gardn but I gave that compost to my neighbors as well.


I’m Bhagya lakshmi, we use to have farms in our native place and now as I’m staying in an urban society I was missing the foods that we produce and eat so I was looking to grow the plants in my little balcony and lead a healthy lifestyle so my son suggested me this product Vapra-The composter and it worked good for me and it help me growing my food myself.

Bagya Lakshmi

I’m Devaki Devi, I grow flowining plants at home as I can use them for my pooja every day so I had an hibiscus plant and its not flowering from a month and I tried putting some store bought compost and that didn’t work well then I used Vapra compost and that brought back my hibiscus flowers.

Devaki Devi

I’m Seshavalli, a teacher. I want to reuse my kitchen waste so I opted Vapra - The composter, as I felt the product was promising when I started using Vapra I stopped dumping my waste in municipality waste collection vehicles and I suggested this product in my neighbors and colleagues.


Stories of Farms

I’m chittamma, A farmer. We at our farm produce leafy vegetables and for that we use sprays to avoid insects and also to increase productivity and then when I tried out Vapra compost I tried in a small area of ours and also checked both chemically grown and organically grown and organically grown space and crop was far healthy than chemically grown.

Stories of college canteens

I’m krishna, working as a supervisor at VBIT hostel canteen. Vapra has been installed at our space and we were asked to dump everyday waste into it and initally I knew nothing about composting then I visualized the waste getting decomposte in the machine without creating any smell and I found it good.

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