Vapra Composting

Learn about Vapra

What is Vapra

Vapra means  “born out of the soil”. 

As the name suggests We, Recycle organic waste & bring back all the nutrients to soil by reducing landfills.

Vapra is a brand & one stop solution for all composting problems. We provide fast and efficient composting solutions for Home, Apartments, gated communities, housing communities and for farm.

Why vapra is the best for composting?

All our Products will compost all your waste in just 7 days

1. Odor free composting

2. Simple process

3. Portable

4. User friendly composting.

How to Compost using Products of Vapra?

Vapra-Home composting kit
1. Open lid
2. Add Vapra Green Mix powder.
3. Add Waste everyday.
4. Close Lid &
5. Rotate composter for 5 times.
6. Repeat the process everyday.

Vapra-Green Mix powder
1. Take any Bucket or drum of your choice.
2. Put many holes to it for aeration.
3. Add complete pack of Green Mix powder to the Bucket/Drum.
4. Add waste & mix it with hand or any Gardening tool.
5. Mix it evenly.
6. Repeat the process (from3-5 points) everyday.

Does it happen in 7 days?

Yes, It happens in 7 days with vapra. We provide green mix powder with our composter, and it will help you compost the material quickly with the waste and provide compost faster. We use microbial culture that will help you to compose the product faster, 100% natural, and organic.

Things that can be included in Vapra?

Food waste

Vegetable wastes

Fruits waste


Garden waste

Biodegradable waste

Flower Waste

Organic waste

Things to avoid vapra?

Excess Water


Fruit Juices

Where can you install Vapra?

You can install Vapra in your kitchen, garden, balcony, or any empty place in your house, Where the air blows, the sun's rays come.

Our Home Composter can be installed in


Garden Areas


Our Community Composter can be installed in


Gated Communities








Benefits of composting with Vapra?

Vapra gives the best compost with easy access and easy process. We provide our composter with good ariation facilities, and you can use it every day as a trash bin. Vapra reduces food waste, which is very economical and budget-friendly.

Vapra is working with the microbial culture, which will help to compose the waste faster and easier. It only takes seven days to complete the entire process. 

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